SAM Registration Quick Start

The SAM Registration Quick Start is designed to get your small business registered and prepared to compete for federal, military, state, and local government contracts.
The Quick Start Program includes completion of the following federal registrations for your business:

  • Login Creation

  • Entity Registration

  • Bid Eligibility Registration

  • "Core Data"
    • Validation of your DUNS information
    • Business information (TIN, etc.)
    • CAGE code registration
    • General information (business types, organization structure, etc.)
    • Financial information (Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Information)
    • Compensation disclosure
    • Proceedings details
o Goods and Services (NAICS, PSC, etc.)
o Size Metrics
o EDI Information
o Disaster Relief Information

"Representations and Certifications"
o FAR Responses o Architect-Engineer Responses
o DFARS Responses

"Points of Contact"

Activating your registration

Optimizing / Listing Your Company's Federal Contracting Profile
in an Online Federal Contracting Database

1 Year Registration Warranty o Registration amendments
o Registration Expiration Notice

Federal Registration Processing Package $500.00